Congratulations – you have found your partner and now I can help remove the mystery of becoming husband and wife.

My aim is to help make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible while staying within the official guidelines as set out by the Attorney Generals Department.

I can help weave a ceremony from either your own thoughts and ideas or by providing samples from my extensive collection of ceremonies. These ceremonies range from traditional, spiritual, Celtic or you may choose inclusions of blessing of the rings,lighting candles,acknowledging the past and much more. I can guarantee we can create something that will appeal to you and yours.

The legal requirements for getting married in Australia, as well as the Notice of Intended Marriage form, can be found on the Australian Attorney Generals Department’s ‘Getting Married’ page

As this is your special occasion you may wish to see me in person. Please feel free to CONTACT ME to make an appointment and I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Memorial Services

A Memorial Service allows time for those present to be sad for the loss of a friend or relation, to hear the story, or part thereof, of their life and finally to feel honoured to have known the person.

I believe it is important to have a good farewell and spend a great deal of time gathering the persons life story and conferring with loved ones so the correct story of ones life can be presented. Weaving a life story is a great honor and one which I undertake with great respect for all involved.

Please CONTACT ME for more information.

Alternative Ceremonies

If you wish to have something totally out of the ordinary, and very memorable, we could create a candle lighting ceremony or a sand ceremony. Blessing of the rings is also very beautiful and gives your loved ones the opportunity to be involved in your ceremony. We could create a hand-fasting ceremony or one with a more spiritual significance for you. Its special your day which will be done anyway you wish. Dream it and, if possible, I will help you create it.

Crystals can add a magical touch to your special occasion. For those who choose my services I offer the opportunity of using a large ceremonial quartz crystal which looks spectacular natural or the base can be wrapped in bridal colors. I can also offer large pieces of amethyst which can be placed in specific locations to enhance the positive energy flow for your occasion. The use of crystal singing bowls can be an additional highlight.

Available by request is a specially designed ceremonial space which includes feature rock walls embedded with crystal set around a lovely garden setting with a water feature. This area is great for a small private ceremony or elopement.

I believe in equal rights and have beautiful commitment ceremonial ideas which can be weaved into a ceremony expressing your love for each other on your special day.

If you are looking for something unique, memorable, and uplifting then please CONTACT ME for further information.

Naming Ceremonies

Name Giving ceremonies gives an opportunity for family and friends to gather to celebrate a birth and formally introduce a child or children to the world.

The giving of a name is a special moment when the connection between the parents and the child can be seen and celebrated by all. At this time Grand Parents can be acknowledged and God Parents nominated if this is desired.

Name Giving celebrations can be for a multiple people of any age.

Please CONTACT ME for more information.